1. E-learning solution platform
Retech provides comprehensive e-learning ecosystem solution that enables mass distribution and easy management of e-learning for its clients. The solutions are delivered via various channels including PC, m-learning, WeChat and face-to-face training solution (“Blended-Learning”).
The Company’s platform is designed to meet the training and learning habits of specific clients, in order to make it user-friendly and keep the E-courses effective. Moreover, the platform has functions such social learning, Q&A, video classes to activate the learners’ interests and accelerate the understanding of the learning content.
2. E-courses: customization and “off-the-shelf” courses
The Company’s e-course services are divided into two types: “off-the-shelf” E-courses and customized E-courses. E-learning instructional design is the core of developing these E-courses which meet the diversified training demands of the clients. Retech plays a leading role in instructional design and the according methodologies in e-learning market in China. The characters of the two types are presented as follows:
3. E-learning solution consulting & operational service
The services of the e-learning platform and e-courses start with a consulting service regarding technology and industrial design by expert teams, this provides clients with diversified e-learning solutions. Customer’s demands will be met in a short time-frame, which will help lower the cost of communication during implementation of service. We are proud of our reputation for consultation during the initial stages and, the company has expanded the operational services for customers, which also provides a current trend aligned service by the focused industry customers. The achievements in 2018 and the strategies in 2019 would be illustrated in the next section below.