Online Learning Platforms
Retech provides mature, comprehensive learning management system to provide dispatching and management solutions for online learning, mobile learning, WeChat and face-to-face training at enterprise level.
To satisfy online learning, examination, training, investigation, communication, materials inquiry and other activities of employees of enterprise via Internet or LAN, also meet the demand of enterprise’s school or training institution on teaching and training management, examination organization, competition, score statistics, performance assessment, promotion, etc. and provide convincing data support for fair assessment and accurate analysis on employees.
  • Multi-layer user management
  • Free role and authority setting
  • Powerful batch input function
  • Complete review process setting
  • Manageable course learning system
  • Excellent online examination engine
  • Comprehensive statistic analysis and visualized statements
  • Good system extension and integration functions
  • International multilingual version
Meet the demand of learning at any time and at any place and build up an easy and free mobile learning platform for governmental and corporate consumers (IOS/Andriod/Html5)
  • Fragmentation management and learning whenever and wherever
  • Manageable course learning system
  • Excellent online examination engine
  • Rich reading content resources
  • Good reading experience
  • Combination of online and offline downloading
  • Powerful interactive community
  • Good system extension and integration functions
On the WeChat public platform, Retech WeChat learning platform attracts teacher and student users to the WeChat Public platform and push quality courses to students by resource application, question feedback, etc. while completing online examination by WeChat and conducting platform promotion and interaction.
  • stemization: A complete learning system by integrating learning, exercise, examination and assessment together
  • Integration: United background management, data synchronization (PC terminal and mobile terminal), course and message release, etc.
  • Convenience: Integration of Ruiyi mobile learningAPPs for convenient learning experience
  • Socialization: Convenience, interactivity and flexibility based on mainstream social software
  • Good system extension and integration functions
Through the convenience of technology, the training aid is able to transfer the sign-in process, pre-class preparation, class interaction, post-class evaluation and other procedures in the face-to-face training. This creates an effective connection among pre-class, class and post-class processes, as well as creates an online and offline training environment and recreates the hybrid integrated training process.
  • Sign in mobile scanning to efficiently reduce the uncertainties of sign-in of offline training
  • Take advantages of mobile devices and connect online learning with offline training
  • Construct a complete course learning system – pre-class-class+ post-class
  • Make real-time interaction to enhance communication between teachers and students to solve problems which are identified immediately
  • Make visualized online assessment, and to report teaching effect in real time and assist in improving the teaching method
  • Record learning process for data storage and subsequent review
  • Make united management of achievements of face-to-face training in an efficient and easy way