Retech Ai English signs cooperation with Playbox, together promoting children’s English learning through the drama!

On the 24th of September, Retech Ai English signed a cooperative agreement with Beijing cultural centered drama company, Playbox.  Both sides will undergo an in-depth cooperation in the fields of curriculum development, classroom teaching and teacher training, making use of their respective education product channels, technologies and resources.

Founded in 2014, Playbox theatre company is the first English education company that provides an overall theatre based learning solution, pioneering in the English theatrical industry.  

Playbox and URDANG drama academy’s Mr. Ghaffar Pourazar, acclaimed as the British ‘monkey king’, is a core member of the company’s artistic creation team. Playbox also has well known locally based experts operating as the teaching quality control heads, an overall experienced and professional international team. Based on the British drama education system and combined with ESL learning principles, Playbox provides an integrated course specialising in both English language and drama teaching. Playbox also adopts the international top-quality Drama in ELT (English Language Teaching) curriculum. This is further combined with Playbox’s own original teaching products, amalgamated to provide high-quality English Drama education products and services Children aged 3-12.

Since being founded, Ai English has consistently been committed to enabling every child to ‘communicate with the world’ at ease. Both the teaching training methods of foreign teachers and the curriculum content abide by children’s language learning, specialized to a Chinese market. Such precision in the operations and course design contribute to the goal of allowing children to feel at ease, unleash their potentials and feel happy and confident whilst learning under a professionally developed curriculum. These minor goals all contribute to the greater envision for children to fall in love with learning English through fun and games. 

In order to provide children with a better English education experience, Ai English is constantly exploring new and diverse methods. Playbox drama adopts the method of theatrics to teach language, providing a rich language environment for language acquisition as well as providing children with the opportunity to use their words, hands, minds, to imitate and learn language creatively.   

At present, Ai English is working with Playbox to provide services that make up for the shortage of English drama education products (due to the exam-orientated education structures in China). Both sides endeavor to produce a service that creates higher efficiency and interest in the classroom, allowing children to learn English through drama, fall in love with English through games, and explore their artistic potential through performance!

On the other hand, with the pandemic in consideration as well as China’s current environment, schools and learning centers alike are both face challenges with their ability to sustain operations. In order to promote school-like features and allow more schools and learning centers to break through this encompassment, and develop against the trend, Ai English and Playbox are working together to promote the comprehensive English drama learning solution, becoming one of Ai English’s newly imported business lines. Ai English hopes that is can enable the development of more schools through its interdisciplinary and diverse English drama curriculum. Helping to resolve core problems in class operation and the externalization of teaching results that remain at present.


Ms. Sunny Yan, Retech’s Chief Knowledge Officer and representative of Ai English at the signing stated: “Ai English’s teaching research, foreign teacher resources and technology serve as our advantages, yet, Playbox drama has many years of experience in this field, their professionalism and focus is what lead to Ai English selecting Playbox as a vital strategic partner on the road ahead. We hope that through this strong cooperation, we can provide a different and unique English learning experience for children from our English drama services and products.”