Retech’s Ai English+ Ai Chinese made stunning appearances at the online 2020 Edtech Korea Fair and Asia Education & Technology summit!

From the 9th till the 11th of September 2020, the highly anticipated Edtech Korea Fair 2020 was held online via the ‘cloud’ with industry benchmarking organizations from China, South Korea and Japan all participating in this conference.  Retech group was invited to participate in the conference as representatives of China’s outstanding educational technology enterprises, with both of its subsidiary companies Ai English and Ai Chinese making appearances at the event.

During the same period as the fair, the online Asian Education Technology Summit (AES) was jointly held online. This forum was established by noticeable E-learning associated enterprises coming from China, Japan and South Korea. With the main theme of the conference set as ‘Education Digital Transformation’, the forum invited outstanding educational practitioners and industry elites from China, Japan and Korea to jointly analyze and discuss the impact of digitalization on education and how to carry out industrial development and innovation in response to this trend. 

As the chairman of the AES committee in China and chairman of Retech Group, Mr. Ai Shungang, delivered an online keynote speech, making a detailed interpretation of the new trend of online education development in the context of the normalization of the current global epidemic environment.

Mr. Ai Shungang expressed that in a post-epidemic era, the education technology industry will undergo several major transformations, and these changes will not be restarted with the commencement of the epidemic, rather there will be a continuous flow of development.

     Through this conference, Retech group, Ai English and Ai Chinese have further entered deeper into the international market, further narrowing the distance between Asian and International Education Technology enterprises and its users.

As Mr. Ai Shungang stated: “Us colleagues are living in an era of ‘surging forward’, although there is an abrupt storm roaring outside, and sometimes we are all deeply exhausted and battered down from the epidemic, however, this new trend that has emerged has provided us with a shining glimmer of light, a light of hope. I hope that China, Japan, South Korea and more countries in the Asia-Pacific region can participate in the AES platform, jointly find opportunities for geo-economic cooperation amongst countries, and work together to make a difference.”