Retech AiEnglish first leading I-School center has successfully been established in Nantong Boen Training School!

In the last few weeks, AiEnglish has successfully launched and established its first ever I-School centre located in Jiangsu Nantong at the Boen training school. 

On the 29th of August, Boen-AiEnglish learning centre hosted its opening free co-teacher class! Through the online system, the foreign teacher guided the students to engage in interactive games and learning, whilst the co-teacher was present on sight to assist with the classroom organisation. The entire class atmosphere was interactive and packed with smiles and laughter. Children and parents were both left with a deep and lasting impression from the trial class, with a classroom filled with top quality teaching and fun. Boen AiEnglish’s learning centre provides an all immersive English learning environment with the perfect combination of professionalism and teaching love.

I-School is mainly a part of the cooperative model established between AiEnglish and K12 schools, Primary and Middle school language training centres and non-English training centres. This cooperation provides students of these centres with after school foreign teacher and co-teacher classes as well as provided products, curriculum and teaching resources and services, a comprehensive cooperative system.

AiEnglish has carefully created a customised classroom design plan for the partners facilities. Such classrooms were designed on the consideration of providing students with a space that best adheres to their learning and growth needs.

Firstly, in order to achieve the outcome of a ‘healthy green’ learning environment, the fittings are all detailed with green as well as implemented sound insulation in the wall and flooring for noise reduction purposes. When taking a look further at some of the details in the design, one can’t help but also notice the precision taken in designing a perfect eye level viewing section in the shape of the AiEnglish penguin logo, allowing for parents to observe and watch in on the class with convenience and without disturbance. The classroom is also equipped with cabinets for storing student’s items, glass whiteboards that can be easily written on and cleaned and multi-functional desks that can be moved and adjusted according to different teaching classroom setup requirements.

Furthermore, the classroom layout allows for the filming camera to clearly have the co-teacher and students placed together, easy for the spotlight to be focused on them, with a unified polish finish. The simple and modern design of the classroom also makes it easier for students to focus on details that the teacher is delivering, allowing for seamless focus in class, reflecting the importance AiEnglish places on children learning benefits as a part of its core services.

AiEnglish’s I-School Learning Centre received an abundant of praise and recognition from collaboration partners and parents as well as earning its spot as a popular favourite learning mode from children alike. Such advanced customer-service developments and experience has contributed greatly to the company’s strengthening of its customer retention success and resulted in an increased client demand. A surge in market interest through word-of mouth feedback reflects the feasibility of this learning mode, with many customers eager to engage AiEnglish to cooperate with in providing the I-School co-teacher teaching solution. Through this I-School cooperation method, AiEnglish sees a bright future working side-by side with many institutions to provide a learning environment with reduced costs and increased efficiency, achieving rapid development in the post-Covid times!