Retech AiChinese jointly celebrates its 1st birthday with its signing ceremony with the British Association for the promotion of Chinese Language Education.

On the 11th of January 2021, Retech AiChinese hosted a joint celebration and signing ceremony at the Shanghai headquarters. The event was held to commemorate the company’s 1st birthday as well as engage in an official signing with the British Association for the Promotion of Chinese Language Education.


Retech group chairman Mr Ai Shungang, AiChinese head principal Mr Sun Haoliang, Retech Ai Chinese General Manager Ms Han Xin, Global chief strategy manager, Ms Li Jing , Huaqiao University Principal, Ai Chinese ‘Chinese’ textbook material chief editor Mr Gu Yimin, Huaqiao University Deputy Dean of the college of Chinese Language and Culture, Mr. Hu Jiangang, President of the British association for the promotion of Chinese Education, Mr. Wu Shanxiong, Standing Vice President of the British Association for the promotion of Chinese Education Principal Shaoyi, Project assistant principal Wang Cai and representatives of more than 130 Chinese learning schools participated in the conferences both online and at the event. At the same time, nearly 1000 guests viewed the ceremony online coming from expert advisory teams, investors, government officials and Chinese school partners from around the world.




In the first half of the conference, guests joined together in watching a ‘year in review’ clip to commemorate the ‘1st birthday’ of Retech AiChinese. Guests were shown a glimpse of the many great achievements over the last year including various fields within foreign cooperation, technology, teaching research, government etc.

AiChinese Chief Principal Mr. Sun Haoliang represented AiChinese with the welcoming address. Within his opening speech, Mr. Sun addressed many of the unprecedented opportunities and challenges that International Chinese Education is facing, these were described as mainly being manifested within three aspects of integration:

1. The integration of traditional Chinese education and overseas Chinese education

2. The integration of public welfare and market focus

3. The integration of online and offline education


Mr. Jia Yimin (as the officiating guest of the whole event) as well as Mr. Hu Jiangang (as the first strategic partner) both delivered speeches at the conference.

Mr. Jia Yimin began with expressing his agreeance with the three aspects of integration mentioned by Principal Sun, as well as his high recognition and congratulations for AiChinese for all the efforts and achievements received within the last year. AiChinese not only played a leading role in the field of International Chinese Education, but also cultivated a group of excellent Chinese language teachers, providing direction and a role-model standard for the development of Chinese teaching both within China and overseas.  


At the same time, Mr. Jia also mentioned that the strategic cooperation with AiChinese and the British Association for the Promotion of Chinese Language Education is also another ‘benchmark feat’, which reflects another positive exploration of International Chinese Education under the new International climate and situation.


There was also a video congratulations sent in which was put together featuring principals at collaborating schools from all over the world such as France, Denmark, Canada, Australia etc. Principal Xuan Chen from the elite Chinese school in Paris, Principal Yao Qi from ‘Happy mermaid’ Chinese school, Principal Zou Qiong of the Canadian centre for Multivariate Education and Training and Manager of Xinjinshan Australia’s advanced department, Ms. Wang Xuemei all featured in the video to express their gratitude to AiChinese for its studio online class design and the team’s overall collaboration and top service.

Chairman of the Retech Group and Ai Chinese, Mr. Ai Shungang concluded the first half of the conference by reviewing and summarising the first year since the launch of AiChinese. In his speech, Mr. Ai pointed out that within the first year of development, success and difficulty co-existed. International Chinese Education is a huge and prosperous ‘system’ in all aspects such as technology, marketing, engineering, teaching, etc.


At the moment, the scale of International Chinese Education overseas has not reached peak maturity, and thus, the road of future development will be one that AiChinese will continuously be exploring and verifying on the way.


The national strategic mission of: ‘Government’, ‘History’, ‘Era’, and ‘Rise of National Strength’, especially the strategic mission at a cultural level, are all areas of opportunity for AiChinese as well as a duty-bound mission and responsibility.


The signing ceremony between Ai Chinese and the British Association for the Promotion of Chinese Language Education was held online. The Association’s President Mr Wu Shanxiong and Retech AiChinese’s General Manager Ms. Han Xin signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.


The British Association for the Promotion of Chinese Language Education is a non-profit voluntary organisation. In 1993 the association was founded by Mr. Wu Shanxiong along with three other like-minded overseas based Chinese colleagues. AiChinese will carry out an in-depth strategic cooperation with them on the development of international Chinese education in the UK. With the current international situation and new trend, both sides will jointly explore the market-oriented, professional and industrialized development of international Chinese education in the UK.

Through the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Language Education in the UK, AiChinese will provide technical resources and curriculum support to more than 130 Chinese schools to help them build a better path pf development.



The curtain of the new year has already been opened. AiChinese will continue to ride and rise above the trend as well as continue to implement and execute its corporate vision of ‘Connecting the world through Chinese.’