Retech Technology (ASX: RTE)’s Ai English reaches a strategic cooperation with Chongqing Education’s International Exchange Association.

On the 6th of November, with the ending of the Covid-19 outbreak in Shanghai, one of the sub-conferences of the third China International Import Expo (CIIE), a cooperation seminar on education exchange between Victoria and China was held. Educators from all over the world, including China and Australia, discussed and promoted global education’s exchanges and cooperation.


Ai Shungang, the CEO of Retech Group gave a speech about Distance foreign teachers in Australia: high-quality foreign teachers solutions in class scenarios, which introduced the exploration and efforts made by Retech and its subsidiary company Ai English in online education.


Retech’s subsidiary Wuxi Ai English Company and Chongqing Education Association for International Exchange reached a strategic cooperation on joint promotion of international education cooperation and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries.


Marketing director of Ai English, Ms. Yolanda Yu, signed the cooperation agreement with Xie Shibo, the Deputy Secretary General of Chongqing Education Association for International Exchange. Shi Wen, the special commissioner from Victoria, Australia; Le Yong, the Secretary General in Chongqing Education Association for International Exchange; and Ai Shungang, CEO of the Retech Group all were present to witness the singing together.



Next, they will commence from international exchanges and cooperation of education in the fields of culture, technology, industry, etc.


The two parties revealed that this cooperation includes:

1. Providing international education exchange opportunities for Chinese and foreign education authorities, various types of colleges and universities, institutions, students and parents.

2. Developing international education exchange projects which include academic forums, education exhibitions, inspection training, winter and summer camps, study abroad consultation, foreign teacher recruitment, Chinese and foreign language training, inter-school exchanges, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools and research consulting.


It’s reported that Chongqing Education Association for International Exchange was established in 1992. It’s a city-wide and professional social organization approved by Chongqing Civil Affairs Bureau, directed by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). The cooperation between Wuxi Ai English and Chongqing Education Association for International Exchange will develop three platforms:  The China-Foreign Cultural Exchange (Chongqing) Testing Park; exchanges ports in international schools and overseas service bases to enhance the implementation and execution of specific projects.



The two parties jointly stated: Next, we will uphold the values of "opening, upgrading, building, co-constructing and sharing". This aims to serve the national development strategy and local economic construction goal. This also makes the most of the respective party’s advantages, jointly building up international exchange platforms, pursuing innovate and larger-scale developments and higher-level and deeper international exchange projects in a wide range of fields.